QPS Support Ticket System

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The QPS Support ticket system is used by our customers to log all software user questions, bugs and feature requests (feedback). 
You can access our Support system through any browser, or even using your smartphone, following the next URL:


Our primary mode of support is a ticket system. 
Why do we use a ticket system for supporting you?

  • A ticket can be visible to several members of your organization.  If they can log in to our system, they can monitor progress.  This helps you handle staffing changes on projects, etc.
  • It allows us to involve multiple QPS staff members and to collaborate between our offices.  This helps us maintain progress on a case as our team members come and go with work, travel and holidays.
  • It provides a great way to track a conversation between you and us.  Anybody can join the conversation and can get up to speed.
  • It centralizes all the content into one accessible location such that it can be searched and monitored.  This is not possible with email.
  • It provides a record of the support experience so that new team members on our Support team can learn about previous issues.  Also particularly tough cases have a record of the troubleshooting process and the final resolution, which is incredibly valuable for knowledge sharing internally to QPS.
  • It helps us generate statistics to fine tune our support and steer development.
  • Product Managers can query a single system to determine what kinds of issues or requests are coming in.
  • We can use existing tickets to help find answers and workarounds to get you up and running sooner.

Pleaqse find below information relevant to our Support Ticket system depending on the topic:

Log in

To be able to log in to the system you will need a username and password. Use the Sign up option on the dashboard for this. Once you have a user account you will be able to create, follow and interact with QPS Support team members who will assist you with your issues. You can track tickets you have created as well as tickets created by other users within your organization. 

Create a Ticket

Use the Create issue button on the top bar to create a new ticket.

 It is recommended that you create an issue per individual question, bug or issue that you have.

The system allows our team to verify what other tickets you have and should be able to help if there is any relation between them.

A pop-up window with the Create issue dialog will appear in your screen for you to provide related information that will help us work on your issue. 


Project refers to the specific QPS product that you are working with and that you are reporting on. Please select from: QINSy Support, Qastor Support, Qloud Support, Fledermaus Support, Qimera Support or Qarto Support according to your needs.

Note that from time to time, for our QPS suite customers, Support Team members might move cases from one project to another when users are reporting issues across products, by using our workflow.

Issue type

The Ticket type depends on what you as a user are reporting on: 

QuestionHow does certain functionality work that is not answered by our Knowledge Base
SuggestionIdeas for new functionality or changes in existing functionality (feature requests)
BugErrors and crashes in the software that interrupt your workflow
DocumentationDocumentation requests for specific themes or updates to our current documentation
LicenseLicensing issue


This is the subject of your ticket. Treat it as the subject field of an e-mail.


Give a description of the problem you encounter or the question you have. The description can be accompanied by attachments such as screenshots or file attachments. For more information please go to our attachment section of this page.

Steps to Reproduce

In case of reporting a Bug, it is really important and helpful to provide the exact steps that you are following that pertain in the recreation of the bug. This information can also be accompanied by images or movies.

Expected Results

In case of a Bug, please tell us how you expected the software to react. 

Affects Version

This is the affected version of the software which you are reporting about. This is crucial information to be able to help you find resolutions to your issue: in which version of the software are you experiencing the issue. Just start typing the version number. e.g. 8.10.2012 for QINSy or 7.3. for Fledermaus and then choose from the drop down list the appropriate version number that you are working with. If encountering the issue in several versions, you can add these too.


While QPS attempts to respond to all issues in a timely manner, critical issues i.e. issues that stop you from continuing your work (Blocker, Critical) do receive priority. 

Please note that Support Team members will work with you to find a workaround for your issue in the time our Development group develops a better solution. Note that depending on the ticket reported Support Team members also reserve the right to change the priority of an issue, depending on the severity. The Priority will not influence turn around time for your issue.

Operating System 

Select which version of MS Windows, OS, Linux, you are currently running, as well as the architecture and the environment if working on a multi-environment capable unit.

Dongle ID

For QINSy, Qastor, Qloud, Qimera and sometimes Fledermaus: enter your dongle number or the HASP id which can be found using the HASP Loader / License Manager. 

The HASP Loader is one of the QINSy utilities which can be found in the lower part of the QINSy Console (for versions 18.17.1 and older):

For QINSy versions 8.18.0 and up, the licenses can be viewed using the License Manager.
This can be started from the QINSy Console - Help option by selecting 'View License Status':

The License Manager gives an overview of the QPS Dongle and other types of licenses when available.
In this program you can see the Support and Maintenance scheme of your contract.
The expiration date for support for the software is shown here:

Time Zone

Enter the time zone of the area where you are currently working. The Support Team uses this information to improve response time to your issues, that are suited for you. QPS Support Team members are present in several offices around the globe to help you.

Security Level

This field will be automatically set. This prevents other users from seeing your tickets. QPS ensures that tickets and information from clients remain strictly secure as we want to ensure that all sensitive information shared with us while troubleshooting remains confidential.


Enter vessel or project name. This makes it possible to create an overview of issues for a single project or vessel. It is also information that helps specific Support Team members that have already worked with you and will have useful information to troubleshoot or respond to your reported issue.


It is possible to attach documents, pictures and data to a ticket.

For new tickets there is an option to attach files on the third tab of the Create Issue:

Add attachments/screenshots to an already created issue

To attach a file or a screenshot use the buttons at the top of the page in an already created ticket:

A more advanced option is to integrate your screenshots in your text (the description or your comments):

  1. Attach a screenshot
  2. In the text use the following code to integrate the picture 


Be aware that the maximum size to upload is 20 Mb. Want to upload larger files? Use our WeTransfer page! 

(Please include the JIRA case number in the WeTransfer message area). For larger files please ask the assignee on your ticket for additional help.

Add comments

Your comments and added information in relation to the report that conforms the ticket are welcomed. You can add new comments to existing tickets at any time. For example when you have new information or an additional question regarding the same ticket or issue, if your deadlines and time frames have changed or if you found an answer within our Knowledge Base.


Our Support Team works with the tickets our customers create daily during business hours depending on the office location of the Support Member helping you. There are several status types that will provide an indication of the evolution of how your ticket progresses until it will be closed.

You just created the ticket and it is waiting to be attended by one of our Support Team members. Your case might get assigned to a specific Support Member, but it can still remain in the 'New' status.
Indicates that one of our Support Team members has now started to work on your ticket. Depending on the information provided the Support staff member may contact you for further information or forward the issue to Product Management or directly to the Development team, depending on the ticket type and situation.
When you see your issue in this state "Waiting for Customer" it means that QPS Staff are waiting for an answer from you to a question they have asked. Simply add a comment and/or any other information requested by the Support team member and the issue will go back to "QPS Investigating" automatically.
This status indicates that the issue has been passed along to Product Management for handling. The case might come back to the Support Team member handling your case or it might go to Development. All cases from Feedbacks and Bugs can get evaluated by a Product Management member.
In this status the issue has already been passed to our Development team to look at. At the same time Support Team members may or may not still work with you to try to find a temporary resolution for your case.
Indicates quality assurance and quality control for your issue, which means that your case was resolved but that it is being tested and reviewed to assure it has been fixed or answered.
This status "Waiting for Release" indicates that the issue you reported will be available in our next release version.
The status of "Valid Feedback" indicates that the development of the feature is now with the Product Manager and Development group. They reserve the right to reject valid feedback depending on the direction that development and products evolve.
This is the status that your case will get if you reopen the case or if you comment on a Closed issue.
QPS uses the "Frozen" status for issues that have remained untouched by a customer for a period of time. You can reopen a frozen issue at any time if you need to.


Your issue is resolved. At all times you can close the ticket in case the problem is solved in the meantime. 

Edit a Ticket

In case the wrong information is entered while creating a ticket it is possible to edit most of this information. Just click on the field and change the content. Be aware you need to 'accept' the change. 

E-mail Notifications

E-mail notifications will be send by the system to the reporter. These notifications contain a link to the ticket and a description of the last taken action on the ticket, for example the last added Comment. The first notification received by the reporter is an e-mail with a notification on the ticket creation including the content of the ticket and a link. Notifications will also be send when comments are added or edited, tickets are closed, reopened or when a QPS Support Team member started working on the ticket. It is important not to reply to an e-mail on the Notifications: the information provided might get lost and could cause delays in the evolution and progress of your issue.

Set some rules in your e-mail system on these notifications to automatically move them to a separate folder to keep a nice overview of all the notifications received.

Please do not reply to the Notifications!

Notify other people

Example A:

A ticket is created by employee A. He also wants employee B and C to be informed on this ticket. All work for the same company.

Option 1: Employee B and C also have a login to the QPS Support Ticket System. The reporter of the ticket (Employee A) simply forwards the e-mail notification to employee B and C. They log in to the system and set a Watch on this issue. After a Watch is set they also will receive e-mail notifications of this ticket. They also have the option to add comments or attachments to the ticket.  

Option 2: Employee B and C do not have access. They could sign up for the system as well. If they are not entitled for a login due to company policies the other employees could be kept up to date by the reporter. The reporter could forward all the notification e-mails to employee B and C.

Example B:

A ticket is created by employee A. He also wants a person from another company to be informed on this ticket.
As only people working for the same company have access to the tickets created with a security level set for this company, the other person will not have access to this issue. It makes no difference whether he has access to the QPS Support Ticket System or not.
In this case the only option is to forward the e-mail notifications to this person.

Watch Tickets

You can watch tickets created by other members of your organization that have QPS Support Ticket system access.
If you add yourself as a watcher to a ticket of which you are not the reporter, set a watch on a ticket, open the ticket and click on the little envelope at the right side of the screen.
Watchers will be notified of all changes as well.

Edit your account / e-mail address


When your account was created we used the e-mail address that you provided. If this is no longer valid or if you would like to change your e-mail address please complete the following:

  1. Log in with your current details.
  2. Once logged in, in the top right corner you will see a profile picture. Click on the drop down.
  3. Select the top option, "Profile".
  4. At your Profile screen you will see the Details Section. To the right you will see a pencil icon. Click the icon to change your e-mail address.
  5. Change your e-mail address along with your password and then click Update.

Please leave the "[ yourcompanyname ]" in your Full Name field.


In this section you can edit details like your time zone and "Autowatch" and e-mail notifications. We recommend that you leave these settings at their defaults except for your Time Zone.

Filters and Dashboards

A default dashboard has been created which provides an overview of all tickets created by people from the same company/group.

It could be the case that it is more suitable to see only a selection of these tickets or tickets being sorted in a different manner.

The options to do so are almost endless, so a short description is given here on some commonly used filters and dashboards.

Voting on Issues

Issue numbers starting with an F are part of our Feedback project in which all your Suggestions will end up.

These issues are visible to all our customers and you are free to vote on those issues. 

QPS will review the feedback items regularly and depending on demand and resouces items will be selected for development.

Problems with the QPS Support Ticket System

If you encounter problems with the QPS Support Ticket system, please send us an e-mail on support@qps.nl .

Not able to attach screen shots?

In case your are not able to attach screen shots please update the JAVA engine of your browser. http://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp