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QPS Ticket System Update

QPS will be using a new form of the QPS Ticket System to support our Customers in a better way. The new Ticket System will make it easier for our customers to find related documentation in our database, as well as to create a request for Support.

Please find below additional information about the new Ticket System and what will change for you.

If you have concerns or questions please contact QPS Support.

New looks:

What is the Ticket System?

The Ticket System is an improvement of the current JIRA system. In the Ticket System, each product is linked to its own documentation space, which will improve the effectiveness to search for helpful articles.

When a request is raised to QPS Support, the Ticket System will automatically search for related articles that could help before the request is sent. The requests generated are shared with the organisation of the user and will be shown in a clear overview.

Why the change to this Ticket System?

The new QPS Ticket System, will have a new look and feel for the customer, improving customer support.

When a request is entered the search function will automatically suggest the most relevant documentation, potentially answering questions quicker.

QPS Support can keep track of the service that we provide to our customers. When a request is closed, the reporter can provide feedback if they were satisfied with the support provided.
This helps QPS Support to continue to provide the best support possible.

What is a Request?

A Request is basically the same as a previous JIRA case, the only difference is that in the new Ticket System the requests are divided into three categories:

  • I have a question - Question
  • Something is broken - Bug
  • I have an idea - Suggestion

Since the requests are already divided, the fields that need to be filled in will change with the request type. This will help to simplify generating requests.
The generated Request can be shared within the organisation or with third parties.

What will happen to all my JIRA cases?

During the transition, it might be the case that you briefly do not have access to your current cases as they need to be moved to the new system. After the transition all cases will have a new number.

Cases that were closed before 2015 will be archived in our database, where QPS Support can still retrieve information from them.
Cases closed after 2015 and all currently open cases will be moved to the new project and will be accessible to your organisation, or your account. They can be viewed on the Requests overview page.

In case you know the case number of your original case, you could enter it in the "'search for requests" box at the top of your request list and will find the case with the new number. 

Do I need to create a new account in the new Ticket System?

There is no need to create a new account for the new Ticket System. QPS will move your current JIRA account to the QPS Ticket System.

How do I work with the Ticket System?

Closer to the release date of the Ticket System a complete How-to document will become available. This will explain how to work with the Ticket System and how the user can benefit from this improvement.

The direct link to the Ticket system is:

QPS Feedback project

Unfortunately, our Feedback project will be offline for a period of time after the transition has taken place. We are working on a solution to bring the Feedback project back to our customers, so that we can gather votes and build the software our users want.

In the meantime, QPS Support will keep an eye on the current Feedback issues and if one covers the created Suggestion and/or is applicable to the current Request, QPS Support will ask if we can place a "vote" in the customer's name.
If a "vote" is approved, QPS Support will add a comment in the Feedback case so the "vote" will not get lost. When the Feedback project is up and running again, a proper vote can be added.

We will update everyone as soon as the Feedback project is back online.