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Using the Voting System

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When first opening a dashboard a pop-up will show to set the dashboard as a favorite. If you do so it will be easily accessible from the dashboard menu in JIRA.

All customers with access to our QPS Support Ticket System (JIRA) have the possibility to comment on existing Feedback issues. These comments can be read by all people who have access to these issues.  This includes other customers who use the same software as you do. 
There is a Comment button at the top of the page.

Add Vote

(Instruction movie on voting, labels and filtering )

All customers with access will be able to vote on issues. These votes will be used to give the Product Managers a better insight into what are seen as the most important required improvements by our customers. Once you click on "Vote for this issue" the text will change to "Remove Vote".  You can click this if you decide to remove your vote from the issue (see picture above).


Besides voting on an issue you can also sign up to Watch an issue. This means you will receive notifications in your mailbox when the issue has been updated, closed or commented on (see picture above).

Search for feedback

Feel free to look for existing issues in the Feedback project prior to creating your own issue. When you find an issue which matches your requirements simply vote for it and watch the issue. 

At the top right hand corner of the dashboard where you will find your issues there is a search box. By entering a search term here, the system will search in all issues you have access to. So this will also include all reported Support cases. 

If you have the search results open you will have the option to fine tune your results by selecting all sorts of filter options. 

In the top right hand corner, Detail view/list view, you have the option to change between detail and list views. Under Area/Functionality, you have the options to filter on area and functionality. Change sorting gives you the option to sort by different options. 

Most issues contain labels. By clicking on these labels you will automatically get a filtered list of issues with the same label. This could help you when searching for feedback on Multibeams (MBES), Side Scan Sonar (SSS), CAD, etc.